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How can you effectively reduce your network print costs and improve productivity upon your copy and print devices?

ISL can offer you the services of our dedicated print audit team.

Most commonly organisations are aware of the true cost of their photocopying agreements and yet are unsure of the true cost of print and fax output since the cost of consumables can fluctuate greatly and are often purchased on an ad-hoc basis with no control over consumable expenditure.

The way forward with ISL

Our consultancy team will help identify your exact network print and fax cost which is the first step in creating a document strategy for the introduction of cost managed multifunctional devices (MFDs) for copy, print, scan and fax.

ISL will create a blueprint for the integration of the cost saving MFDs and assist you in maximising the benefits with value added software solutions.

Our print audit software provides an independent and unbiased summary of exactly how much your document production is costing you, defined by user, department or organisation over a defined 30 day period.

The results will establish in which areas we can help you to reduce expenditure whilst improve the efficiency of your equipment and assist you with your internal document workflow procedures.

We will carry out the audit in conjunction with your IT policy in a professional and unobtrusive manner and the results will be presented to you in a clear, concise and understandable report.

Cost Analysis Consultancy & Auditing

Cost Analysis Consultancy & Auditing

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